Teaching Philosophy


  As a teacher of young children to the older adult, I try to foster the unique creative potential that we all possess as dancers. I find that enforcing that a dancer must move exactly how you do and only teaching your specific movement vocabulary causes the dancer to lose interest, as well as lack the ability to discover their own way of moving. I seek to develop a sound foundation of technique and strong bodies, however I allow my students to be able to explore self-expression from somewhere deep within. I wish not to allow the body to become disconnected from the spirit as I believe all our experiences can be transmitted through our body. No one dancer, dances the same!

  I believe that from a young age, children should be encouraged to develop their knowledge of the 3 Elements of dance including: Time, Space, and Energy. I think students of all ages should begin with proper training in alignment of the body and technique, but I also think younger children need to have freedom to explore. This exploration of their body and the way it can move prevents boredom and allows the student to understand what they are working toward in terms of performance ability. Since the 3 Elements includes shapes and balancing for example, they will appreciate doing more complicated balances at the bare in difficult shapes or jumps that require more muscularity/technique to land safely. Learning the elements provides the foundation for a child to enjoy moving and puts them at an advantage due to a wider movement vocabulary than  The incorporation and blending of both technique and exploration is important for all ages, but even more important for the tiny tots and young children.

  It gives me great joy to watch a young child progress and learn new ways of moving. It is of great importance to me that all persons of any age and ability have the opportunity to be an environment that is accepting of all talents, body types, and capabilities. No matter if one is dancing at a professional level or participating for the enjoyment of moving, I believe we can all benefit from dance. Even the smallest achievement can light up a child, teenager, or adults day and it’s rewarding to be a part of it as well as share my knowledge of dance.

Me teaching Dance Fusion
Breathe and Relaxation
Teaching Tap/ salsa sequence
Passing the energy, dance ball!
Enjoying Movement
Center work

Photo credit: Nora Lang and self